Secondary School education

Annually, Komera selects between 20-30 young women to join the Komera Scholar program with a full scholarship to a local Secondary School, starting at Senior 4 through graduation of Senior 6, for 3 years. We select bright scholars who are dedicated to continuing their education, but would not be able afford the fees associated with secondary school. Our scholars attend public boarding schools, and receive all the materials needed for success, including: school supplies, uniforms, and personal and feminine hygiene products. Komera Canada currently supports 12 young women in Senior 6 (Grade 12).

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University education

Our goal has always been to provide opportunities for our students and open doors. If they work hard and get into University or vocational school, we want to support their dreams! In 2016 we launched our first ever cohort of University scholars. Komera will provide zero interest loans to all of our students who have successfully applied and been accepted to University in Rwanda. Komera Canada currently supports three young women University.

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Once we get a Komera Scholar into school, we want to ensure that she stays there. We train teachers to be Komera mentors at each of the nine boarding schools in the Kayonza District that Komera scholars attend.

Every week the Komera mentor meets with the Scholars to support them in handling financial, social, and academic problems. These meetings also give our scholars the chance to learn about sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and gender-based violence in a safe space. They are an essential part of the program and ensure that our scholars remain happily in school. Komera believes in the power of training young women about health, but we understand that it takes consistent reinforcement to affect true systematic change. We are engaging youth to be local community advocates for sexual reproductive health rights.